Matthew Fitt - POETRY

Matthew Fitt is a prize-winning poet. His first poetry collection Kate o Shanter’s Tale includes his famous Kate, Matthew’s response to Tam o Shanter, and other well-loved poems like Jim Leighton, chic charnley and Clara. His poetry has been featured in the national press and on radio and in Scottish and international literary magazines. Matthew’s work was recently translated into Italian.


Chalmers, Cochranes, Cockburns, MacLeans, Weirs
left the rain at leith and aberbrothock
met weet snaw in the skagerrak’s mooth
and flitted hoose and shore tae the baltic

in hansa’s coorts, fairs and mercat touns
where the chapmen unrolled their packs like souls
the guid men o the guilds cauldly glowered,
drave oot the schotten mang the jews and poles

intil poland’s hert and centuries’ blood
tae kythe as surgeons, teachers, brewsters o beer
reckoners o five-year-plans – Czamer
Czochranek, Kabrun, Makalienski, Wajer

Kate o Shanter's Tale and Other Poems
Luath Press, 2003
Kate o Shanter's Tale and Other Poems - Audio CD
Luath Press, 2003
 from Present Poets, National Museum of Scotland

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