Writer, Children’s Author, Poet, Editor, Translator & Scots Language Consultant

20th Anniversary Edition

It is 2090. God's Flood has left the world underwater. A supervirus has hospitalised most of the population in huge warehouse hospices for the terminally ill. Scotland's people survive on floating cities in the Clyde Delta, besieged by fifty degree heat, cybergangsters like Diamond Broon and radge hurricanes called Elvis. Written entirely in Scots (with an introduction for readers new to this rich Scottish language). Matthew Fitt's SF classic in the Mither Tongue is more relevant today than ever.

Moarnan. No sure if it's moarnan. Canna hear the porters. The young ane wi the bonnie voice, chantin his wey roon. An his gaffer shoutin on him tae wheesht. Thae twa isna in yet. Stull on the Rail. Gantin owre their papers. Creeshin doon the hair. Haun in atween their legs.

Listen to Matthew reading the opening pages of But n Ben A-Go-Go:

  Audio - Opening pages of But n Ben A-Go-Go read by Matthew Fitt


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Matthew Fitt is a published novelist and poet. He is the co-founder of the award-winning imprint, Itchy Coo. Matthew regularly visits schools as a children’s author and leads creative writing workshops for aspiring young writers. He is an acknowledged expert in the field of Scots language education. He has delivered training for teachers in every local authority in Scotland.

A former Brownsbank Writing Fellow at Hugh MacDiarmid’s last home Brownsbank, Matthew has lead a huge variety of writing projects  including poetry films, readings, book launches, international poetry translations, editing anthologies, website commissions, classical and traditional music collaborations, children’s radio programmes and other work.

Matthew has been an advisor on Scottish Government working groups and worked closely with national organisations on development of Scots language policy. Matthew has spoken on behalf of Scots at the nited Nations in New York and is an official Scots translator for the Scottish Parliament.

Matthew has advised Scottish Government on Scots language policy and spoken on behalf of Scots at the United Nations in New York. His popular poem Fireworks Aff the Castle now features on BBC Bitesize and young Scots speakers across Scotland benefit from his Scots education project, Scots Hoose.